14 March 2007

Another One...

I'm getting a little addicted to the treasury. But thanks to thegarbagegoose for picking my "hi there balloon card" This treasury is already expired :(. But you can see the whole list here:
If you hurry- you can see my list here. I'm highlighting new etsy sellers (who've joined since the beginning of 2007). Hopefully some of them will get some sales out of my choices. There are so many great sellers out there- it's always fun to find new ones!


  1. Hi there! It's snowing like crazy and I thought I would visit some other Etsy blogs. You cards are adorable. How'd you manage to get the treasury image on your blog?

  2. hey angela-
    we finally dug out of our snow (it's been about 65 for the last few days so we've been wading through ankle deep puddles. hehe).
    thanks for your comment- i'm glad you like my cards! i have a mac- so i used a program called grab to take a picture of the treasury listing and then posted it on the blog. if you have a pc i think there's a feature called "print screen"- i actually think there's a key on the keyboard that says it. not sure if that would work, but that's my best guess- i'm not really a pc gal.