06 March 2007

Product Development

So I've been working on some new ideas. They're not quite perfected yet, so any comments or suggestions that any of you out there in blogger-land have would be much appreciated!

I realized after sewing onto paper and cardstock for so long, it's taking a little bit of adjusting to work with just fabric again. I'm trying to keep in mind that it's only been a little over a year since I first got my sewing machine and before that I had never even used one. So I'm still a newbie to all this.

Well folks... you heard it here first. This is the beginning of new products by minecreations. As I said, I'm still working on the design so none of these are for sale yet. But believe you me, you'll be the first to know...

I just love these little pouches though. I've seen lots of them on etsy and I've actually gotten a few as gifts recently from friends. I thought it would be cool to use some of the designs that I've been using recently for my cards on these pouches. They definitely need some technical improvement to make them sturdier and more functional (in terms of size and shape, etc.) but I think they're coming along pretty nicely. I already sent the top one off to a friend for a birthday present, so someone's enjoying these already! Let me know what you all think!

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