02 March 2007

Snow Day!

When I moved to Minnesota from Berkeley, CA let's just say that almost everyone I talked to told me I was crazy and asked "but why?" And now that it's winter here in MN and a couple weeks ago we went over 100 hours without getting the temperature above zero, even more people are asking me if I'm missing the sunny Bay Area (although I must say, it's not very sunny there this time of year).

But when was the last time, may I ask all those naysayers, was the last time they had a snow day from work??? Well, I'm sure all my friends in California are hard at work, while I sit here in my pajamas. Sure I've had to shovel the sidewalk a few times, but I think it's worth it. And here's an idea of how I'm going to spend my lovely day off from work...

Although I do love my day job, I think I'd rather spend any day in front of my sewing machine than the computer (well, the work computer, I know I'm on the computer right now) or maybe working my way through this box of awesome yarn that I just got from my mom. (Isn't it great having a mom who's a worse yarn addict than I am? Thanks mom! Plus all her yarn-addicted friends too!)

Well, I hope you're all having as lovely a day as I am, even if you're not snowed in...

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