12 April 2007

I was framed

I realize that the last few posts have been focusing on the weather here. Obviously the weather here at this time of year can be a bit frustrating- you think it's spring, you're so excited after a cold and snowy winter, and then it snows and you're forced to drag out the winter coat again. Even though I grew up in this kind of weather, it's been a few years since I've lived in a place with such extreme season changes.

But enough about the weather. I've got more important things to talk about than the weather. Back in December I made a picture frame for my parents as a Hanukkah gift. They loved it and my aunt told me I should sell them. It's taken me a while to get on this project, but after an exciting trip to my local thrift shop and a little picture frame shopping spree, here are the results:

These are available at my etsy shop. I think I'll be doing some more soon--since they're made from recycled picture frames, of course that depends on my ability to find more frames! But I think they'll sell well at all the summer craft shows I'm planning on participating in. As usual- any suggestions or comments are welcome. Have a great day!

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