23 April 2007


I had yet another busy weekend- it's always a challenge to decide what to write about here when I've got lots going on. I've spent a lot of time sewing over the last few weeks, and I feel like I'm really learning new techniques and my skills are really improving. It's also been great to be reading some other really inspiring blogs of some amazingly talented crafters.

My big feat over the weekend came when I ran out of the ties that were left over from the curtains that are currently being used as sound absorbers in our home studio. They had worked so well as ties for the products of my apron frenzy (which, by the way, has not yet ended). To no avail, I tried to buy some kind of wide ribbon or cotton twill tape. I was left to my own devices. And learned how to make bias binding.

Bias binding works really well! It just takes a little longer than sewing on pre-hemmed ties from Ikea- but so worth it. Most of these aprons are currently waiting to be bought at i like you. I've begun posting some in the shop,including some children's aprons as well, so check them out please!

And check out my flickr page to see some photos of everything else I've been up to!


  1. Isn't it fun to learn new things? I could definitely stand to improve my sewing machine skills. Your little children's aprons are very sweet.

  2. Love the new aprons! I have a little 2 year old friend who would love one of these . . . hearted in Etsy for a later date!