07 May 2007

The first step...

...is admitting that you have a problem.

Hi. My name is Julia. And I'm a yard sale addict. I'm sure that everyone who might read this can understand this addiction, so I figured this would be a good place to admit the problem.

So being without a four-wheeled vehicle for the past four months (another story for another time), I've re-gotten used to getting around on two-wheels, or two-feet. We've been very lucky to have some very generous friends and family who have lent us their four-wheels enough times to get us moved in to our apartment and furniture shopping, etc. But being without that this weekend, I began contemplating on Friday afternoon how it would work out to go yard sailing (thanks Amanda for this great phrase) on my bike.

It was on Saturday morning at 10 am, when I ventured out on a three plus mile ride to a neighborhood full of yard sales-with the threat of heavy rain, I might add-that I realized that I truly do have a problem. I had to make a pit-stop back at home to unload before hitting the last one, but it was worth it. Ok, so my shoulders are a little sore from the heavy backpack, and I did arrive home soaking wet and almost blown over from the wind. And after many many weird looks and "oh, are you on a bike?" (I actually got this one multiple times while wearing my helmet! It was all I could do to not reply with- no I'm just really accident prone- the last time I just couldn't resist!), I made it home with a pretty good stash.

I came away with much more than these photos show, but this was the most exciting lot of it all. The biggest lesson for next time: tape a "not for sale" sign to my bike when I take it yard sailing!

(I'm still sifting through all the photos from the amazing May Day Parade on Sunday- the other big event of the weekend. Will post as soon as I can pick out the gems)


  1. LOL Hello, my name is Felicia and I too have a problem! The best thing I can say about the market booth I've been setting up every Saturday morning is that its kept me from spending money at yard sales!

    I laughed my way through your post imagining you in the rain pedeling along. You went all the way back home to unload! Then you went back?! Wow, you might be a tad more addicted than me! :) You sure came home with a great haul though.

  2. Looks like you found some great things. I love the hankies!