04 May 2007

what I've been working on (for lack of a more creative title)

Ok, I know that I posted about these awhile ago. But I finally got around to taking some good photos of them (thanks to a very patient photographer, who also happens to live in my bedroom) and posting them up in the shop. I also have another four for sale over at a great new store in Minneapolis- i like you (that's what they say when they answer the phone, i love it!).

I've also finally tackled the magnetic snap- although it's not that complicated, I was grateful for this tutorial on craftster. I made one of these bags last week, but I thought I'd try another one with the snap. It worked out great, but I think it might need some reinforcement, since the magnets appear to be stronger than the fabric. I had dismissed that part of the tutorial, thinking it wasn't necessary- turns out it was. We'll work on following directions next.

I got this black and white fabric as a remnant at IKEA, and it was one of those patterns that I just immediately knew what to do with it- I instantly pictured the contrasting red stitching shadowing the black lines. There's one posted in the shop right now, sans magnetic snap.

More to come this weekend, I promise. It's supposed to rain, so I'm sure I'll get tired of planting my garden pretty quickly! And come visit me in the Mother's Day Showcase tomorrow for some last minute gifts. Have a great weekend!


  1. Love all your aprons! The contrasting colors are brilliant :)

  2. Ooo, I really like this fabric. And it does look perfect as a little tote, especially with that red strap.

  3. Hey! I love these. Any chance any more adult-size aprons will be for sale on Etsy soon? I'd so much rather have one of those than a cash box at all my craft fairs this summer.

    Please convo me on Etsy when you post!