21 June 2007

Arriving home to...

...wonderful packages in the mail is just the best thing in the world (except maybe for that cookies 'n' cream cupcake that I stopped and ate on the way home, yum!). After another long day at work, and a slightly harrowing experience at a mall (what?) I discovered this amazing package from Angela when I got home:

Look- she sent me flower seeds, how sweet! As soon as she posted these prints in her shop, I immediately snatched them up. And I was so happy to get the only print of Alice on the title page of the book!

Thank you so much Angela! I can't wait to get some frames for these and hang them up.


  1. Lovely! I saw in your profile that you are nearby... have you had the cookies and cream ice cream at Sebastian Joe's? Lordy, so good...

  2. Hey! What a nice surprise to see my work on your blog. Thank you, and so glad you like the prints!

    Your garden looks great, by the way. And LOTS of people are asking about my craft fair apron. I hope you have a few customers coming your way!