04 June 2007


The weekend was a mixture of beautiful weather and lots of rain. I got outside during the beautiful parts, doing some gardening, taking a walk and reading on the porch. And I made some serious progress during the rainy parts.

This is not a vest. Sleeves are in progress and hopefully this beautiful wool sweater will be finished just in time for sweltering summer weather (well, I'll be prepared when fall comes).

This has been the single most frustrating pattern, but for the same reason that I almost always press on and finish books that I don't enjoy, I have stuck it out with this pattern. Also- it will be beautiful when it's done.

In other news, I finally dove in and am sewing something from a pattern! It's probably the single most simple pattern in the world (notice how I'm taking it easy on myself here to make up for the above pattern?). It's a Simplicity pattern from the great SewU book by Wendy Mullin. But hey- we all have to start somewhere. I'm pretty excited to have a piece of clothing that I've made myself and actually fits like a real skirt!

Plus, I'm using some great Amy Butler fabric that I bought at Purl the last time I was visiting my parents. Can't wait to have both of these projects finished soon!


  1. I'm not much of a pattern person myself. Ok, I not a pattern person at all! LOL That AB fabric looks like great inspiration to keep you going.

    Love your little cabley waistband.

  2. That vest and cute skirt are going to look AMAZING together! Great job.