30 July 2007

Numero tres

Summer skirt number three has been completed! I used (yet again) the same basic skirt pattern from SewU by Wendy Mullin--I think I may be ready to move on to a different pattern now!

I saw this fabric in the discount room at my local quilting store and immediately knew it would be a skirt. I even pictured using some of this vintage lace that I bought a while ago at the textile center garage sale.

Once I started cutting it, I felt like it needed something else. Pockets of course! I used a vintage handkerchief, that I lined with some muslin for strength. I was really nervous about cutting it up because it's so beautiful, but I think the pockets turned out great. They definitely stand out, but I like it. Perfect timing for another skirt, as it's gonna be hot hot hot all week!

1 comment:

  1. Those pockets really finish it off! Its beautiful.