01 August 2007

I believe I'm a sucker...

...for beautiful books. These are just some of the books that have graced my doorstep (via the mail) recently. And, oh yeah, I'm still expecting more.

So excited to finally get Amy's wonderful book. I don't think I need to put in my two cents, as so many others already have.
But I'll just say that it's great and I can't wait to tackle some of these very fun-looking projects.

I was recently made aware of the annual hurt book sale from Interweave Press. I had checked the site in the morning and picked out a list of books I wanted to buy (of course it was the same day that I had ordered Bend the Rules, but I couldn't miss the sale!). I was actually really excited to see so many herb gardening books. I looked over my list while I was at work, and narrowed it down. When I went back to the site later in the day- almost all of the books on my list had sold out! So I ended up with Scarf Style, Hand Knits for the Home, and Echinacea: The Immune Herb! Still a good haul.

I also finally ordered my own copy (I couldn't renew it any more from the library) of the {amazing} Bread Bible. Wonderful book, and as soon as it cools down here, I will be sure to be trying out some more of these recipes.

Can't wait to get reading (Oh right, just have to finish the five books I'm already in the middle of!)

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  1. I wouldn't have been able to resist any of them either!