27 August 2007

Aprons for a special duo

So I'm getting a bit tired of making these aprons, which is further proof that I'm not sure I could make this crafty business my main gig. But I'm not going to get into that now. I am certainly happy to continue receiving custom orders (thanks to my mom who's decided to be my pr person!) although I was having some trouble with these, since I've never met these little twins. I could only imagine that they are wonderful, especially since one of their names is Julia (hehe).

These children's aprons were my first foray into transferring a design onto fabric to embroider. I was so proud of myself for thinking of this one (I know, it's really not that clever, but I like to pretend like it was). Ok, I'm really bad at lettering, so I went onto this website I've recently discovered- dafont.com - where you can download funky fonts for free. I picked this one called "daisy mae". I downloaded and installed the font, and then typed these two letters into Word and magnified it to like 500%. Then, I realized that a computer screen is kind of like a light box, so I just put the fabric up to the screen and traced the letters. Oh yeah. I rock.

So here they are. I'm mailing them off today, so I hope they like them. For their first days of kindergarten. What were your weekend projects???


  1. Super cute. Makes me wish I could wear one at work, too! Oh, and even though I just met you, I have to brag- check out the elephants on my page. :)

  2. my weekend project was the "roll the die" stitch scarf, pix of which can be seen on my blog wwwDOTknitchingDOTblogspotDOTcom

    and I'm still working on it! ;o)

  3. Hey Julia you do rock! Way to go making technology your friend. The letters turned out terrific.

    Not much crafting over the weekend for me but I did manage to get some furniture rearranging done :)

  4. oh julia, they rock! they will be so cute at school!!!