15 August 2007

Sample Me

I think the first time I heard about a "sampler" was when I was a little girl and playing with my Molly doll- she was this doll that was supposed to be from the 1940s and there was a whole story that went along with her. I have a vague recollection of her having to make a sampler for school. It seemed awfully boring at the time. I guess I've changed my mind about embroidery. I've been really inspired by a lot of other crafty bloggers out there working on some beautiful embroidery, and was starting to catch the bug.

A couple of weeks ago, I found this book at a rare and out of print book store, and I knew it was time to take the plunge and learn the ropes. I already had an extensive embroidery hoop collection that I've been working on in the hopes of putting together my own liberty wall hanging (that hasn't happened yet), so I just picked up some nice simple fabric and a small assortment of embroidery floss and started working. I've been trying to simultaneously learn some cool stitches and make a cute design (for which I have absolutely no plan, so it's a bit haphazard). This is my sampler so far, and it's by no means complete.

I sense a whole new world of designs and projects and sources of inspiration coming on fast. I'm working on a lot of new ideas for this fall/winter that will be getting worked on quite soon (I can feel it- the heat is subsiding, which means I can actually work again!). So this is my new exciting project- what's yours??


  1. Love that little bird. Its been years and years since I've embroidered anything.

    I'm almost ashamed to admit what my current project is. I'm just finishing up my Halloween creatures and then I'm diving right in to my Christmas creatures. I know, I know, its too hot to think about Christmas! LOL

  2. Ooooh, fun! I haven't embroidered in so long. Please post the finished product when you're done!

  3. I had the Kirsten doll and Kelsey had Felicity, my best friends had Samantha and Molly. What a memory trip!

  4. Very nice! It's so nice to have some hand work going, isn't it?

  5. oh my goodness, im so jealous of that little bird, i need to learn me some new stitches, baaadlly.