20 August 2007

Garden Update: 8.20.07

**Disclaimer: The photos you are about to view are so bad, I'm almost ashamed to post them. However, I have no choice since I've already eaten almost everything that's in the photos. I want to blame the rain and bad light, but alas, I think it's really my impatience.

Alright, I finally got my first tomatoes! After suffering some serious tomato envy of some of my neighbors in the community garden, whose plots have been overflowing with beautiful red, yellow, and even purplish lovelies for weeks, I finally harvested my own last week. This momentous event was complemented by the visit of a very dear friend (who will hopefully be moving here soon- mwahaha), which made the meal that followed this brief harvest all the yummier.

Again, I take full responsibility for my lack of photographing this weekend. But it was truly wonderful. Filled with yummy food (see above), touring around the city, a little embroidery time, partying a little too hardy, enjoying a baseball game (what?), good music, and of course, great friends. Thanks for a great visit Wen- can't wait till you come back!


  1. There is only one thing better than a fresh tomato from the garden. A fresh tomato that you grew yourself! Great job :) I bet they tasted delicious.

  2. Yummy yum yum. I am envious. When I left home (almost two weeks ago) my tomatoes were looking well on their way. I can only hope I don't miss them entirely. Good work, chica! Did you grow them from seed?! That hasn't worked very will for us yet, but the growing season may be better/longer in Minn than Bend.