21 September 2007

NYC, part 3: heirloom crafts

Everytime I go visit my parents, there's always a pile of goodies from my mom waiting for me (and it's always in the same spot- on the floor next to the nightstand in my old bedroom). It usually consists of some newspaper articles she's cut out for me, the occasional free pair of underwear from Victoria's Secret, the odd piece of mail that came for me, and often some old item that she's just found and thought I would want.

Well this trip, I may have hit the jackpot. Although my mom found her craft love in knitting and not sewing, my grandmother and great-grandmother were apparently quite the seamstresses. My mom claims that she never learned to sew because her mom always ripped out her projects and redid them herself. Anyways, mom found a whole pile of beautiful embroidery thread, some apparently belonged to my great-grandmother. (The labels on many of them are in Polish). What a treasure- I know I'll need to come up with a special project for these.

She also uncovered this beautiful sampler that she made when she was younger.

And finally, these old tea towels (or curtains? we're not quite sure) that were my grandmother's and these aprons.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I'll be back next week with the conclusion of my nyc recap posts.


  1. What absolute treasures and blessings to have in your life.

  2. How cool...I treasure some similar things from my grandmother, too. Enjoy!

  3. Way to go mom! What lovely treasures.