15 October 2007

One by one

So today is Blog Action Day. I read about it last week in a couple different places out there in blogland, and I thought that the idea of lots and lots of bloggers all writing about the same topic on the same day was really nice and unifying. The topic is the environment. I also really appreciate that the organizers didn't try to influence what bloggers should write about the environment, just that we all start talking about it some more, no matter what our perspectives or opinions are.

I spent a little while debating with myself about what I should write about. I thought about writing about food- you know local, gardening, etc. I thought about writing about biking and driving less, and using alternative fuels (like biodiesel). But I decided to stick with an old favorite and write about recycling/reducing/reusing. In my crafting life, this is probably the most environmentally friendly thing that I can do: reuse materials, and reduce consumption by making things myself. There are so so many directions I can take this topic in, but I'll try to stay focused.

For as long as I can remember, I've been in love with thrifting. Primarily clothing when I was younger, and now pretty much all household goods and anything else I might ever need. In crafting, I try to buy as much used fabric, ribbon, thread, and notions as I can. One reason is that I love vintage fabric, stylewise. But it's more than just style. Mainly, I just can't not reuse perfectly good materials that still have life in them. I remember reading something when I was younger about a girl who always, upon entering a thrift store, imagined the previous owners of all the clothes in the store. I have to admit- I don't do that. Mostly, I imaging the future owners of the products that I'll make with those materials.

Hmm, I don't feel like I'm saying anything revolutionary here. I'm sure most of you out there reading this already agree with me, so I feel like I'm kind of preaching to the choir right now. So I'll just say this: I am so overwhelmed by the amount of "stuff" out there. I can only imagine how much stuff is being made out there in all the factories around the world even as I sit here at my kitchen table and write this. Sometimes I feel so small in that context. But that's how change happens. People begin buying used one by one. We make handmade gifts one by one. We bring our own bags to the grocery store one by one. We support local, independent businesses one by one. And we can reduce consumption and waste one by one.

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  1. Well said. I've got to laugh when I think about how my creature making began. Just a reuse of clothes that were destined for donation. I still do that today and I love that fact that not only am I reusing things but I'm really challenging my creativity.

    Love your new banner :)