19 October 2007

Getting Motivated

Ok, sorry for the quietness around here this week. I've spent the better part of it in bed sick. Yeah, I know, it sucks. I made a few sad attempts to go to work, but ended up at home drinking lots of tea, watching some movies and reading a lot. I was seriously wishing that I had a knitting project going, and definitely lacked the energy to actually start something.

However, I did manage to get some crafting done during a few spurts of energy. First on my list (where it's been for quite some time) was a birthday present for my cousin. I wasn't planning on posting this until next week after she'd received it, but I have it on good authority that she doesn't really read this, plus there was nothing else exciting going on here this week.

After my craft/gardening apron frenzy of this summer, I'd been really wanting to make some full sized aprons to sell. Well, thanks to my cousin (sister of the birthday girl), for commissioning this apron as a birthday gift and finally giving me that little kick in the butt to try this out.

I literally traced the shape of an apron my mom bought me a few years ago. I added these pockets and the hen embroidery. Jared told me it's too cute to be an apron, because who would want to get it dirty. I think that's a compliment.

In any case, I also made this little zippy pouch as the gift from myself. We're back to the bird theme clearly. The embroidered zippy pouches are a project that I'd envisioned a few months ago, when I first got into the whole embroidery thing. It seems I just needed a birthday to finally try out some long awaited projects. Well, I've now got another five embroidered zippy pouches in progress, with the hopes of completing them over the weekend. I've been doing slow crafting for the past few months and I have certainly not kept up with my plan to update the shop frequently throughout the fall. So I'm trying to get back on that train.

I hope you all have lovely weekends out there, crafting or not!


  1. Fall does seem to slow things down in the crafting department, doesn't it? It seems that "real life" returns and gets in the way.

    I LOVE the new apron. I have a cousin who raises free range chickens who would adore it!

  2. Hey- hope you are feeling better! I love the new look on the blog, and the embroidered apron/pouch combo is super cute.

  3. What a bummer to feel so sick. I hope you're on the mend.

    Your cousin will love that apron. Its truly darlin'. That bird and the little pockets make it unique. And I'm glad you made yourself a little present too :)

  4. OMG Julia--I LOVE the apron! It runs circles 'round the faux vintage one at sur la table. I can't wait for her to get it!

    love EM

  5. *gasp! i heard a nasty rumor that you sneaky things were chatting about (and posting gratuitous photos of) my delightful apron.

    i don't recall being told about your blog... which CLEARLY means you told me and i, like an idiot, just forgot. regardless, i am having so much fun looking at all the fun things you make. i kind of wish i was you a little.

    on a related note, i've inherited mom's old sewing machine, and i bought a book on sewing. cross your fingers i don't injure myself while playing with it. i altered some t-shirts this summer by hand, with success...