08 November 2007

Fashion Thursday or I love a handmade outfit

So here we are, it's Thursday again. (By the by- has anyone else felt like every day this week felt like Friday? That's not a fun feeling. Especially when you realize it's only Tuesday). Anyways, I'm not really keeping up with this whole Fashion Thursday thing too well. But I am keeping up with posting more frequently lately. I guess I've just felt like there's a lot to talk about in this space, and I think that's a good thing.

This outfit just made me really happy yesterday. The skirt is the first skirt I made on my sewing machine, and I think only the second one I ever made (the first was a hilariously hand sewed pillowcase deal that I made in high school. I promise I'll post about it sometime- it's just so adorably ugly!). I didn't know anything about patterns or darts or any of that. I traced a drawstring skirt of mine and sort of finagled the waist and sewed in some lightweight snaps for a closure. I didn't wash the fabric before I made it and when I washed the skirt- the outer layer totally bled onto the gauze lining. But you can't see it (I was very careful during the washing). Anyways- I love this skirt. I'd love to make another version now that I can actually sew clothing that fits right.

The sweater is one that my mom made. I think it was supposed to be for her, but lucky for me, it came out too small. So I inherited this awesome argyle mock turtle neck. So cozy. And with the boots- it was just the perfect fall outfit. And I gotta say, cute outfits definitely make up for the fact that it's not Friday (well, sort of).

PS: I think I'm getting better at this whole self-portrait thing. It turns out that Jared has a tripod- um how did I not know this?! Anyways, now I just need to find something like this so I can take decent pictures at night...


  1. adorable - i love the little detail at the hem :-)

  2. I passed here for seeing its work that is very good and desiring a good weekend

  3. I've made a handful of skirts that exact same way... who needs patterns? ;-) cute!

  4. LOVE the outfit. I have yet to make a garment that I could actually wear. Your mom is so talented! That sweater is terrific :)