11 November 2007

Knitting Season

It's here again...knitting season. I know for many of you out there, every season is knitting season. But for me, knitting is slowly becoming kind of a seasonal thing. It's just kind of hard to knit something and have it sitting in your lap all warm during the summer. This feeling was compounded for me this year by a serious knitting disappointment over the summer that prevented me from being able to pick up my needles right away (let's just say- remember that sweater? it's no coincidence that you never saw the end of that one. It's still in a box and we don't talk about that yet).

Anyways, I'm back in the saddle. I've started working on a scarf, just for me, and it's so nice. I also completed a lovely hat for a friend's birthday. It's just a simple earflap hat, but the yarn makes it oh so nice. It's a mixture of blue sky and frog tree alpaca. I almost didn't want to give it up. Lucky for me, my mom made me this same hat a few years ago, so I already have one. Although I might have to add on some of these ties to my hat. I think I like them.

PS: Be sure to check back tomorrow for an exciting 100th blog post!


  1. OOOO.. I love that hat!! Did you use a pattern?? I'm not too good at knitting, but I'd love to try something like this!!

  2. I love that hat too! And I'm the lucky friend who received it for my birthday! Thanks, bules! You're the bestest!

  3. I love knitting season. We're not quite there yet but I've been thinking about it and planning :)