30 November 2007

I heart snail mail

I mean, who doesn't? (As my cousin once said- it's always exciting to get something in your mailbox other than bills and ads from "bed, bath, and who cares") I was ranting and raving a while ago about how the issue of Ottobre that I ordered back in July had never come. Well, lo and behold, guess what arrived yesterday.

I think I've learned the definition of snail mail- hello- four months later! It turned out that (on the fourth attempt) they finally realized that someone had flipped two of the numbers in my address. Unfortunately, I'm not going to have time before Christmas to make the two adorable outfits for Jared's nephews that I had planned on, but hey- they can wait. And these outfits will still look cute on them after Christmas too...

Also- speaking of snail mail- Angela of Paper Menagerie (formerly Ambient Designs) organized a "Celebrate Snail Mail Swap." It was great- just write a letter about anything to the person you're assigned. I got a sweet letter from Nadine-she's a seller on etsy, but I'm not sure what her shop name is. Looks like I've got myself a new penpal or two!

Well, I'm back to the workshop of bags, coasters, and pouches (I did end up taking a vacation day today- how lovely). Have a great weekend and I hope you all get something exciting in your mailbox.


  1. I love getting magazines- that's usually the closest I get to snail mail except when my nephew "writes". But it's great, isn't it?! I can't wait to see those outfits, btw- super cute.