29 November 2007

buzz buzz buzz {or} how many presents can i make

I've noticed that there have been a lot of random and scattered posts out here in blogland lately. I think this phenomenon is definitely an indicator of the time of year that is suddenly upon us. Can we talk about how Hanukkah is next freaking week!? How the heck did that happen? No really, can you tell me please? There are sometimes in my life when this whole lunar calendar is just not working in my favor. Anyways, I am definitely feeling just as (if not more) scatterbrained and anxious as every other crafter out in the world right now. If you could only see my lists. Last night when I was over at Crafty Planet, I actually had to talk myself out of using the last of my precious gift certificate (thanks again wen!) on a new book- because I didn't want to overwhelm myself with more project ideas. And frankly, I should probably just stop reading blogs altogether for awhile. Can you tell I'm feeling a little overwhelmed? The lists are in full force right now.

So I guess I'll just go ahead and continue to contribute to the flurry of ideas of wonderful holiday gifts that are floating around out there right now. I've got so many different ideas right now that I'm not too worried about people finding out what they're getting...In the spirit of how my brain is working these days, we're going to do this in list form:

::Yummy holiday cookies (possibly almond horns, sesame biscotti, orange cranberry drops, or mint chocolate chocolate chip- don't worry I'll share the recipes later) packaged up in cute thrifted tins- kind of like these

::Quilted potholders, like these

::Tea cozy from Bend the Rules

::Custom moleskine notebooks, like these, or the ones from Last Minute Patchwork and Quilted Gifts

::Custom notebooks, like these (I'm deciding between these or the moleskines)

::Mix CDs, with some of my new music

::This eye pillow/heat therapy bag.

::Pincushions (I can't even begin to give you an example- I think you could throw a pin out into blogland and find a pincushion tutorial).

{Sigh} I'm trying to stay calm with all of these ideas buzz buzz buzzing around in my head. Not to mention that I'll be in two craft shows (more on that later) in the next few weeks that I'm trying to prepare for. Oh yeah, and my full-time job. I'm beginning to think that this may be a good time to use some of those vacation days I've got laying around.

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  1. LOL You go list girl! You are busy as a bee. And when things settle down I truly want to hear all about that orange cranberry drops recipe :)