07 December 2007

Show Preview {or I'm too tired to think of a creative title}

I've mentioned a few times the upcoming craft shows I've been working on, so here's the info...I'll be at the Handmaidens Craftsmas Spectacular this Sunday from 10am-6pm at the Uptown VFW at 2916 Lyndale Avenue South in Minneapolis. This looks like it'll be an awesome event, organized by the lovely ladies of i like you, and I'm super psyched for it (see the link in the sidebar for more info). **And as an added bonus there will be $2 bloody marys and screwdrivers until 1pm!

I'll also be at the Women's Art Festival next Saturday, December 15 from 10am-5pm. This show will be held at the Midtown YWCA at 2216 East Lake Street in Minneapolis. I'm really excited for this show as well- it's the 15th year for them and I'm honored to be one of the over 70 artists who will be participating.

As I mentioned- I've been sewing up a storm in preparation for these two events. Here's a little (and I mean little) preview of some of my new products. Even though I'm feeling a little burnt out right now and am definitely looking forward to shifting my focus towards making some gifts, I am really happy with how everything came out, especially these bags. Depending on how well this weekend goes, I may have a shop update next week.


  1. I was planning to stop by the handmaidens show, but looks like I won't have a ride to the cities anymore.. bummer.

    I'm sure you'll do wonderfully!! Good luck!

  2. What great bags and packaging. Good luck on your "show".

  3. I hope you had a wonderful time at the craft show! :)