10 December 2007


Yeah, it was a looong weekend. But oh so good at the same time. The weekend began on Friday evening with a truly lovely Hanukkah dinner with some friends (my group of Jewish friends here is quite small, and as much as I love educating others about my culture and traditions, sometimes it's just really nice to be around others that already get it and don't require an explanation). Saturday followed with another Hanukkah dinner- vegan potato latkes, white bean salad, and delicious cranberry-orange tart (recipe and photos to come later this week).

I also spent the day on Saturday preparing for the Handmaidens Craftsmas Spectacular show.
This was, seriously, one of the most fun craft shows I've ever participated in. Full props go out to Sarah, Angela, and Becca Jo of i like you for pulling this together-it really was a blast! I sold a lot of stuff and also saw lots of people that I know, and that, to me, was one of the most fun parts of the day. See, I've only lived in Minnesota for just over a year- and seeing so many people that I recognized or knew somehow made me think about where I was this time last year (i.e. not knowing anyone really) and how well I've done at establishing myself and getting involved in the (awesome) crafty community here. I ran into the woman who was the first person that I knew of who bought something of mine in a store- I met her this time last year at my second craft show ever. And I also met a woman whose friend had bought one of my picture frames in a store because there was a part of map in the frame that showed Ethiopia and the woman was about to travel there to pick up her adopted child. The frame now holds a photo of her new child.

Anyways- it was really a great day, and I'm so excited for the next show that these ladies put on. (They are planning to have shows four times per year). I also met some amazing artists. I didn't take any photos of the show itself or my table (I'm not doing so well on the take more photos front), but here's what I picked up at the show-have I mentioned how much I love trading? (I see now that I was in a very green mood- go figure!)

My very own "duckie ugling" by Becca Jo (I'm thinking of naming him Gus, but I'm not sure- any suggestions?)

Vintage buttons on bobby pins from Deux Amis Designs

Jade earrings from Deena of Arctous

In preparation for this weekend's show, I will not be updating the shop until Monday, December 17th. At that time, I will post whatever I have left from Saturday's show, and I will do my best to get any products to where they're going by Christmas if that's necessary. Thanks!


  1. Congratulations on the show and the weekend in general. I wish we had a craft scene that was half a good as your's.

  2. Sounds like a fabulous weekend indeed! Congratulations on a successful show. You should be very proud of yourself for accomplishing so much in such a short time. :)

  3. awww... love your little guy....

    Gus is great.