31 January 2008

i heart etsy

After a long while of holding out, I've started buying more and more beautiful things off etsy. Not that I'm going nuts, but there is so much beauty there, and I've been treating myself. I thought I'd share with you a couple of things that have arrived recently. Both of these artists are ones I've discovered just in the past few months and I'm so glad to have some pieces of their art.

This stationary from Emily of The Black Apple is so amazing, I had to snatch some up right away. I've used one piece so far, and I'm kind of hoarding the rest right now. I think I may have to buy an actual piece of art from her so I can have something to keep for myself! Not that I'm having too much trouble, but I was thinking that having such adorable stationary will help with my New Year's resolution of sending more mail.

I was so happy to buy this beautiful print by ah-yi, although I was feeling a little too cheap to buy the second piece (this one is the daytime print and there is an accompanying nighttime print). Maybe someday soon. I've bought some other handmade art recently, including some beautiful cards by Mav that I have framed by my front door right now, which is helping me in my other New Year's resolution of making my apartment a little more homey. I've actually made a lot of progress on this front so far, and I'm hoping to start sharing some "corners of my home" here soon. There are still many many other artists whose work I'm drooling over lately, but I'm taking it one piece at a time.

Happy Thursday friends!


  1. :)

    I take one piece in at a time to the framing shop in town... And I just went and bought both the day and night print too! So pretty.

  2. I love that Black Apple stationery set.... I was going to buy one too, and now I'm kicking myself that I didn't!

    Leah xx