15 January 2008

inspiration:: wire

a while ago, i discovered the inspiration boards blog. which grew out of the inspiration boards flickr group. which made me contemplate the blank white wall above my sewing machine. how inspiring is that? not very. it had remained that way for over a year primarily because i wanted to find the perfect, most inspiring piece of artwork or whatever to put there and i was just waiting for something amazing to come by and hit me on the head. i had considered (and still am, although with a different wall in mind) the embroidery hoop fabric wall hanging thing that i've seen so many beautiful examples of all over the web (can't even begin to look for all those links now, but here's the original one-i think).

in the end, i opted for the inspiration wire. two, in fact. (as an added bonus, for the wires i used old guitar strings that i had been saving for who knows what). click here for details on each item. i'm sure there will be frequent (or infrequent as the case may be) rotation of some of these, but this is what's inspiring me right now. so hopefully, with a little inspiration, i'll be back here in a few days with something to show off.

{and ps: so sorry for the dark as crap photo. will try another one in the daylight tomorrow. arrghh.}

1 comment:

  1. love the way your wire turned out - so glad you were inspired by the group and the blog! :^)