17 January 2008

happy vs. sad

so the sun finally came out today. which only sort of made up for the fact that it "feels like" -11 right now. i've been feeling kind of sluggish this week, so i thought i'd get inspired by this burst of sunshine (which by the way i rushed home from work to photograph- gotta start carrying that camera with me all the time) and think about what's making me happy vs. what's making me, well, not so happy this week.

::good health news for me
::we got a big grant at work that i worked really hard on
::the heat in our car works now
::going to see good music tomorrow night with a friend
::my first japanese craft book has arrived and i'll (hopefully) be making something from it this weekend {more on this later}
::three day weekend ahead=lots of sewing/decluttering time
::all the yummy meals i cooked this week
::lots of good movies in the house
::my new inspiration wire, and other art recently hung in the house

::not getting into craftstravaganza. again.
::it's freaking cold out there!
::jared's in san francisco. again.
::my messy house.

hmmm. so i can't actually think of anything else for the sad list. clearly i must be in a better mood than i thought i was. this weather is just kind of icky. especially with these infrequent appearances of the sun. i'm thinking about getting that happy light. or at least some vitamin d. sorry for the self-indulgent rambling. thanks for stopping in here to share these little moments with me. i really do appreciate your presence. hoping you all have very happy weekends.

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  1. Cool you are in Mn as well. I've never been to the craftstravaganza show...actually never knew we had one here in Mn. Thanks for the info and I'll be definitely be heading over there this April.