18 January 2008

scenes from a friday afternoon

The heat at my office was especially broken today, so I decided to take the afternoon off for fear that I would end up filing a worker's comp claim when I came down with hypothermia. Seeing as the sun is out in full force today, getting out of the office early made me very happy. Just having a couple sunny hours to hang out quietly at home can really lift the spirits.

I finally washed and ironed a huge pile of fabric that was given to me by a random stranger, my friend Milena, and my mom. And then, I finished putting all of my fabric away onto my new shelf. Apparently my stash is way bigger than I realized. Hopefully having everything all organized and out in the open will make my crafting time a bit more productive and efficient. I'm still working on organizing the rest of my crafting space (i.e. corner of the living room).

My favorite snack. Stove popped popcorn topped with a little vegetable oil, nutritional yeast, and sea salt. In my new favorite vintage pyrex bowl.

There's a rainbow in my living room. Happy weekend everyone!


  1. Isn't it fun to suddenly realize you have a stash and you _can_ just make something whenever you feel like it? (although I end up at the fabric store an awful lot getting "the extras")

  2. That fabric stash looks so inspirational :)