08 February 2008

Granola Head

I have been called a granola head more than once in my twenty-five years. I never really thought that I deserved it, although now I would take that name willingly. As much as I majorly love our local coop, the granola selection leaves much to be desired, and I found that I never eat cereal for breakfast anymore because I just couldn't find a good one. One that wasn't too sweet or too cardboard-y. I'd never made granola myself, but I kept seeing this recipe pop up all around blogland, so I figured I'd give it a try. And it was good. I think I baked it a little too long, but it was good.

And then, I was wanting to keep riding this granola wave. When I lived in Berkeley, my local grocery store had the best "ginger snap granola" and now I'm looking to see if I can replicate that- I loved the gingery spiciness of it. And I wanted to send a jar of homemade granola along with the oven mitts, so I was looking for another recipe to try out. Molly must have read my mind as she posted a recipe just a few days ago as I was searching. This is the winner so far my friends. Sweet, but not too sweet. Not too crumbly, but just the right balance of clumps and loose ingredients. Perfect, I would say. It's not ginger snap, mind you, I'm still on the lookout for that. But it's delicious. And mix it up with some of the best organic yogurt and a little pure maple syrup. mmm mmm mmm.

{By the by, that's Molly's on the left and Stephanie's on the right up there}


  1. Yum, now I think I'll have to make some over the weekend! :)

  2. mmm.. that does sound good. I always get the kind with little dried up raspberries in it and put it on yogurt with honey... so delicious. I'll have to try it with maple syrup sometime... never thought of that one.