06 February 2008

I warned you

Didn't I say there would be a whole lot of craftiness coming up? Well here we go. A simple set of oven mitts from Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing.

I have to say, that as much as I love her style and designs, I'm not super impressed with the instructions in this book. Maybe since these are all pretty simple projects, I should just start using it as a guide and not necessarily following the instructions. Over the summer, I made the sun hat for my mom. If I hadn't read enough reviews of this pattern out here in blogland, I would have ended up with something that would've fit a giant. And for this project, I guess there was nothing wrong with the instructions, per se, just that the photo of the finished mitts makes the binding seem like it's about two inches wide on each side, when really the instructions make it about a quarter of an inch wide. Anywho- they turned out just fine, and I'm pretty happy. So I guess I should be quiet now.

These are a present for my first college roommate whose birthday is coming up this weekend. The first birthday of hers that we celebrated was about 5 days after we met and moved in together at college. I bought her a foam cow. It was like one of those stress ball things, but in the shape of a cow. We went to school in Vermont, I found it in the school bookstore. It was probably one of the most random presents I've ever bought someone. But what do you get for someone who you just met but you share a room with? I think she'll like the oven mitts better.


  1. Ohh I love the mitts and I just so happen to have that book I think I will be pulling it out and making those what a great gift. Also where in VT did you go to school? I live close to VT and have family there as well.

  2. thanks ladies! janey, i went to middlebury college (it's in middlebury, vt). i still miss it!

  3. I just got some of this fabric at Quilter's Courtyard in St. Paul. It was on sale. :) The mitts are super cute.