07 March 2008

Green: 3

I'm trying really hard to be happy with the sun right now. I know I talked a lot last month about the funk. And I'm pretty positive that I'm even more tired of talking about it than you are tired of hearing about it. But I can't help it. It's negative six degrees right now.

But I'm trying really hard to be happy with the sun. Because it has been sunny. And that makes a difference. And I'm gearing up for a trip. Did you know that it will be a high of sixty-seven degrees in Berkeley, CA today? That's a whole lot warmer than negative six. *Sigh.* After six trips, I will finally get to tag along with Jared to San Francisco in a few weeks! I lived there for about two years, and haven't been back once since we moved here about a year and a half ago. I am jumping out of my skin to see my family, friends, and just to be there.

There is something special about the Bay Area. Something that wasn't quite right for me permanently. But something that I will always value and miss a bit, too. Also, I kind of need a vacation...So I'm thinking about that. I'm thinking about needing a new dress for this trip, and I'm thinking about getting ready for a shop update before the end of this month, I'm thinking about all of the new (to me) fabric that I've just ordered and whose arrival I am anxiously awaiting for a bit of new inspiration. And I'm thinking that I hope you all have a lovely, sunny, fun weekend that is full of inspiration and maybe even a bit of excitement.

{The scarf above is one of the few things I knit last year, sweater by my mom. It's getting a lot of mileage this year. Below: I bought this shirt at a thrift store years ago and it's lived under my bed almost ever since waiting to be cut up and repurposed. I've recently rediscovered it and decided to extend its life as a shirt.}

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