10 March 2008

Like a breath...

...of fresh air. The sun came out. And it warmed up (I do believe that 35 degrees counts as warming up these days). I couldn't help but take a nice long walk around the frozen lake in my local park. Shari has been majorly inspiring me with all of her beautiful walks and her water's edge series. It truly was a breath of fresh air.

Walking around the lake. Noticing the little details. And the big ones. Having a nice chat with my dad on the phone. Thinking about my grandma, who left us three years ago today. And my grandpa, how Jared and I took this very same walk just over one year ago after he passed. All the beautiful memories and lessons learned. I can still hear their voices calling my name. Like it was yesterday.

I've got much to share this week. And life is feeling much more calm these days. I think I'll take a deep breath. And relish in the fact that it's almost seven o'clock, and the sun has not yet set. Spring is not yet here, but I can now see it coming. As lives pass, and others begin. I try to follow the advice that is engraved on a bracelet that my parents gave me for my graduation, and that I wear each and every day as a reminder: Remember the past, Live the present, Believe in the future. A good lesson I think.

{More photos of my walk here}


  1. I felt it too... the warmth... it was there. I took my dog for a walk. I was almost ready to put on a pair of shorts... Maybe today haha. Spring is close.

  2. Same here with Shari's photos, so I did my own version, which looks a bit like yours:


  3. beautiful. i really enjoyed reading this and seeing your lovely photos. xox