03 April 2008

in the 'hood

Being in San Francisco made me think a lot about where I live and why I like it here. I feel like, and not just during the trip, I'm constantly explaining (and sometimes defending) why I moved to Minneapolis and why I like it here. People always seem shocked that someone who grew up in Manhattan would like living in such a quiet, small city. But I do. I love visiting New York, and I loved growing up there, but living there now would drive me crazy (no offense mom and dad!).

Minneapolis is such a neighborhood-y city, and I love my neighborhood. There's a really active block club culture here, and National Night Out is a really big deal here. (For the record, I had never even heard of it before moving here, so don't be too confused if you haven't either). I joined a community garden across the street when we moved into our apartment last year and feel like I've gotten a pretty good sense of what's going on in the neighborhood and with my neighbors.

I took these photos on a walk home from work in late February and have been wanting to share them with you all ever since. As you can tell, my neighborhood is pretty culturally diverse and very artistic. These are *some* of the murals that have been painted on buildings on Lake Street in South Minneapolis, close to where I live. I think public art is such an essential aspect of city living and I feel proud to live in a neighborhood that places such high value on it. See photos from my walk today (a very different walk) here.

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  1. I used to live in both Minneapolis (Dinkytown) and St Paul (St Anthony Park area/St Paul campus). They are wonderful cities - I miss them! I'm living in a much smaller town now, so I see that area as quite large. haha! All about perspective I guess. :)