16 April 2008

in with the old.

So, I'm off to New York tomorrow night. I've managed to get through this short week with only one mild nervous breakdown (lately I've been getting very overwhelmed just before leaving town, not sure what that means...), and I'm still not packed. In any case, one my goals for this year was to improve my photography skills. Doing the photo a day thing has definitely helped immensely, even in the just sixteen days that it's been so far. But there was something else that I'd wanted to tackle. Back when I was in high school, my mom gave me her old Canon GIII. I've been playing with it for years. (seriously, playing, as in not ever loading an actual roll of film) I'm not sure why, but I've just never used it, even though I love it. I've taken it with me from apartment to apartment, across the country and back (well, halfway back), but never actually using it.

Friends, that's about to change. The inspiration is everywhere, from Amanda's film photos (which prompted me to break out my other/newer film camera last summer), to Hannah's overall amazingness, and Abby's person place thing project, it's almost impossible to get away from film these days. And why would you want to?

So the other day I ventured out and picked up a new battery for, found a roll of film, and loaded it up. She's all set and ready to go. And she's coming to New York with me. I'm not sure what'll come out, but I plan on shooting at least one whole roll of film while I'm gone, hopefully more. In any case, I'll be keeping up (as best I can) over here while I'm gone, and maybe even popping in here, but I'm not promising anything big. And when I get back, well, it'll be time to buckle down and get some major crafting done. Happy week friends!


  1. have a great trip!
    take lots of great pics!

  2. i can't wait to see your pictures! have a great time.

  3. Unfortunately I love my digital way too much to go back to film at this point. Even my 8 yr old daughter enjoys my old digital better than film, she takes better pictures with it than her film camera I think.

    Have a great trip, are you going to be back in time for the craft fair at the state fair grounds? I'm going...hubby actually is taking the day off so I don't have the kids.

  4. yay! have a great time in new york! and kudos for bringing out the non-digital; i've been lugging my old film nikon around for years but have been too chicken to load it. can't wait to see what happens!