06 May 2008

about those puppets.

So I mentioned that in addition to food, sunshine, and the beginning of the end of the hives (fingers crossed, fingers crossed), this weekend was also about puppets. And when I say puppets, we're not talking the muppet show here. We're talking about wacky bikes, masks, costumes, multiple person puppets, and lots of general craziness. We're talking about the annual May Day Parade.

I don't really feel that I need to say too much about this. The pictures pretty much speak for themselves. What I can say, is that this event is so community based, participatory, DIY, multicultural, and just all around amazing. And it's one of the {many} things that makes me proud to call Minneapolis home. And it's just an added bonus that the route is within walking distance from our apartment. This year, the weather was spectacular, and the parade was preceded by a delicious brunch at our place. I hope this is the beginning of a long tradition...

More photos here.


  1. that looks like fun! i hope that, next year - they come up with setting up stalls for food, drinks, crafts, etc. and make a whole day of festival of it. that's what they do here in europe.

  2. this looks fun, julia! how nice that it was so close for you, too. love the piano-playing guys. xo