11 May 2008

happy day mom.

This is my mom, circa 1967. My aunt just found this picture and my mom seems to know nothing about this (don't kill me for posting this mom!). In honor of mother's day this year, I thought I'd say a little about my mom. This photo was taken about 12 years before she actually became a mom, and at the time of this photo probably never could have imagined all that was to come--all that has come. Meeting my dad, having two kids, being a working mother, living far away from much of her family (despite living in the same city she grew up in), illnesses, recoveries, deaths, kids moving across the country, and all that still lies ahead.

My mom is creative, talented, sensitive, smart, funny, and incredibly strong. All qualities that I hope I've inherited from her. We had some rough times back in the day (when I was an obnoxious, rebellious teenager. Yes I can admit it) but now we talk almost every day and I don't know what I would do without her. So thanks for putting up with me, mom, I know I was a pain in the ass for a while there. Thanks for being there with me for the fun stuff, and the not so fun stuff. I love you mom, happy mother's day.

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