14 May 2008

guess what

Yes, friends, it's true. I still sew. I know, hard to believe considering it's been over a month (yes, I checked the archives) since I've posted anything relating to sewing. Crazytown, I tell you. Well, don't be deceived, there has been a lot of sewing going on. There's also been a lot of traveling and general busy-ness going on too. So that explains some of it.

In any case, enough with the excuses. Here we go. I mentioned recently that I have an upcoming craft fair. Upcoming has turned into this weekend, so here we are. With some sneak peeks. I'm way more on top of this show than I was last year (when I hadn't started making anything until a week before the show and stayed up crazy late every night sewing and listening to the BBC world news on NPR), and I'm pretty excited about that, if nothing else. The show, for those of you who are local and want to come say hi, is Johnstock. It's Saturday and Sunday and is (officially, this year) part of Art-a-Whirl. We're on the trolley, we're in the catalog, and I think it's going to be a great show (crosses fingers for good weather). Also, if you haven't yet checked out the new Crafty Planet location, this is your chance- Johnstock is right across the street (and Crafty Planet is having their grand opening this weekend too)!

Here is a bit of what I've been working on for this event. Whatever doesn't sell will be available in the shop, hopefully next week, or as soon as I can get it all photographed. I'm pretty excited about this weekend, it was really fun last year and I think it'll be even better this year. I hope some of you come out and say hi, and for those of you who aren't local, well, I'll be thinking of you!


  1. awww... I don't think I'm going to be able to make it. I just found out that my brothers graduation is this weekend. (that's just like my family to tell me last minute).

    Maybe I can still squeeze out of it and make the trip up... but no knowing for sure.

    I hope the weather is beautiful and warm and that TONS of people are shopping! Good luck!

  2. i hope it's a great show! i'll be thinking of you...

  3. Great looking goods- wish I could come up and see it! Have fun!

  4. Lovely stuff I hope the craft fair was good!

  5. shoot! I wanted to go but hubby said that it just wouldn't work out in our schedule. To my surprise he was giving me a surprise birthday party so I HAD to be here. Hopefully we can make a plan to meet up somewhere.

    Love all the goodies!