20 May 2008

shop update: thursday evening

Well, well. Thank you all for the well wishes on the craft fair this weekend. I had a lot of fun and it was great to be outside for a whole weekend (except for that pesky wind...). Of course I didn't take any photos, but it was a very fun weekend. There will be a shop update with many of the remaining goods (including bags, cards, coasters, and some aprons) happening this Thursday, hopefully around 7pm Central Time. For those of you who are local, I've also brought some new goods over to i like you, so be sure to check them out and save yourself some shipping costs!

Now that this fair is over, and I don't have any more planned probably until October (gah! I know, talk about slowing down), I'll be getting back to making some more clothing and household goods that have been on my list for months. I'm also hoping to be settling back into more of a normal life routine here and can be a bit more present here at the old blog.

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