26 May 2008

summer manifesto

Inspired by the likes of andrea, molly, and shari, I've decided to create a summer manifesto. Even though it's not feeling quite so summery here today, I know it's coming and I this "unofficial start to summer" weekend seemed the logical opportunity to come up with some goals and wishes for the next few months. So, in no particular order, here goes.

This summer, I will:

::make pizza with veggies fresh from my garden.

::work on putting together a photo album of all my film photos from the last couple of years (something that I did after graduating college for four years worth of photos and was a most satisfying accomplishment. The hardest part was actually finding an album that I liked).

::make a present for one of my college roommates who is getting married in August (I've finally decided what the present will be, which was the most difficult part of this project).

::make a dress to wear to said wedding, in Oregon (which we just bought our tickets for, so excited!!!)

::have more fresh flowers in my house.

::bike even more/drive even less.

::visit the downtown library.

::go on three camping trips (this is allowed to extend into the fall, or at least until it's too freaking cold to sleep outside).

::visit as many more of the 10,000 lakes as I can.

::spend as many hours as possible on my new glider bench on the front porch, and eat as many meals as possible at our new backyard picnic table.

::go for evening walks.

::see live music.

::hit up some good yard sales (a nice vintage typewriter is at the top of the list this year).

::read at least three books.

::shoot at least five rolls of film.

...and hopefully much more. What will you do this summer?

edited to add: you might notice that I keep adding things as I think of more/read your suggestions. this list is meant to give you all some ideas, but mainly for myself. I plan to revisit it as the summer moves on to remind myself of what my goals were back at the end of May...


  1. What a great manifesto! :) Mine? Get outside more!!!

  2. lovely julia. i want to befriend a horse and get back into the habit of baking bread. what books are on your radar? i don't know if i ever told you but i had read history of love and it was one of my favorites.

  3. Your whole list sounds great!
    Take lots of photos OUTSIDE is on my list since a lot mine are indoors :)
    And I really, really want to visit more waterfalls around here. Hope you are well and thanks for sharing.

  4. Great idea and I will be stealing it. Found you via Flickr and am loving what I see.

  5. - Mmm, camping all 72 state parks is on my "life list," which is a lot like the lakes one. Shoot, I might have to add that one to the list!

    - I love waiting to put together photo albums. I have this nasty (it's obvious on Flickr) habit of piling on the pictures and not just picking one... But once time passes, it's a little easier!

    - Oregon! Where in Oregon are you going? I'm fiercely jealous. I love Mt Hood especially.