27 May 2008

broken record

Sometimes I feel like I may sound like a broken record here. Especially when it comes to bread, and the baking. This is my third version of this shirt (BBW/Simplicity 3835). I can't help it, though. It's just so easy and absolutely perfect for summer. The length is great for bike riding (I hate when shirts ride up in the back-or the front for that matter!-while I'm biking) and the little short sleeves are good for covering up the shoulders from the sun.

Also, the pattern is super duper easy. This is actually the first time that I made it exactly like the pattern says- the first time I used the neckline from the dress and lengthened the sleeves with no elastic, the second time i did the same for the sleeves- and of course it came out perfect. No modifications necessary just cut, stitch, press, wear. Easy. Peasy. So much different than my Japanese patterns (which I'm planning on getting back to pretty soon here, so stay tuned for that). The fabric here is something that I picked up over at Crafty Planet when they were having their big moving sale ($2/yard!), but I can't find it online anywhere. At first (when I tried it on with my pajama pants right after finishing it on Sunday morning), I was worried that it looked a little hospital gown-ish. But now I'm thinking not. Phew.

In other news, I got bangs again. And, no, I'm not sick of them yet.


  1. I love that you bake your own bread so often, I really do. but I love you for a thousands of things. the shirt turned out great, and the bangs are too cute - you look beautiful. xo

  2. Your bangs are so fantastic--- look how gorgeous you are! Wowza! :)

  3. I love that pattern too. I made one out of a sheet from a swap I did and I love it. Someone even asked me if I got at Old Navy.I have a yellow fabric I want to use next.