17 June 2008


i'm coming to believe that this is the time of year when things start happening. i'm hearing a lot of action verbs these days. biking. gardening. cooking. coming. going. and on and on.

even though fall is definitely my favorite season, it's not the most active time of year. things slow down and you being preparing (mentally and physically) for the cold. in the winter, things are pretty static. it's cold and we all just hunker down for a while. spring is a time of waiting. wondering when the heck it's going to stop snowing and finally warm up.

and now, well, now it's just about summer. and things are happening. they're sprouting and budding and blooming and moving and shaking. and so am i. well, as best i can.

i harvested my first lettuce today and it's delicious. there's really nothing like it. but that's another story. for now, i'm getting into my summer rhythm. involving watering the garden each morning before work, spending a lot more time on two wheels, eating later and lighter, and enjoying the lingering evenings.


  1. Mmm, I love those lingering evenings. It's funny how we hibernate so much in the winter... especially here in Minnesota! xo

  2. LOVED reading this, friend. hooray for your first bite of homegrown lettuce this season! xo