15 June 2008

happy day dad.

So as I write this, I know that my dad, mom, grandpa, and my grandpa's friend are out to dinner celebrating father's day. I wish I was there. My dad is great, when I was in high school, he learned to play the guitar. The electric guitar. I actually had to ask him to turn it down so that I could do my homework. He has great taste in music and I've learned so much from him (and stolen a lot of cds from him too!). A couple of years ago, he took up biking. As my mom says, he thinks he's Lance Armstrong (only way cooler). He finds his passions, and goes at them full force. He is a hard and dedicated worker (sometimes a little too much), but he loves what he does.

My dad taught me to question things and put up a good argument (sometimes I might take this a little farther than he anticipated). He's always supported me and been proud of me at my brightest (and sometimes not so bright) moments. And I know that he's always there when I need him.

My grandma used to say that my dad was never as happy as when he had my brother and me. And I know that this is true. Thanks for everything Dad. Happy Father's Day. I love you.


  1. Yay to great fathers everywhere!

  2. Yay for dads (and all adults) who continue to discover new passions!

  3. it sounds like he's a wonderful blessing to you. you and he are both inspirations! XO