20 June 2008

happy summer

I've already written my summer manifesto (which I think I'm already doing a pretty darn good job at) so there's not too much to say on this day when summer begins. So far I've had a very summery day here: biking to work, quiet day with many of the staff members out (which is what all of August will be like when half the staff take their vacations), and an empty office by 1:30 pm.

I walked the dog I'm dogsitting around the lake in the park, watered my garden, and ate the first strawberries from my garden. Heaven. The plot I inherited at my community garden last year already had a few strawberries and asparagus planted in it, which I obviously kept. Last year, I think the squirrels ate the few strawberries I got, so I was super excited to see a few bits of red peeking out from under the leaves as I was watering.

I have a feeling this is what the rest of this summer's going to be like. Slowing down (in some ways), quiet days at work, nice walks, and lots and lots of eating straight from the garden. Yeah, that sounds pretty nice to me. Happy summer friends.


  1. yeah, that sounds pretty nice to me :)

  2. Happy summer to you. Empty offices and garden delights - couldn't be better!

  3. I just got some strawberries from our farmer's market and they are SO cute! :) Happy summer!