21 July 2008

thrifting, the green edition

I've been thinking about how long it's been since I posted some good thrifting finds, and frankly, I can't even remember (this is one of those times when I'm far too tired to look in the archives, but I'm sure it was months ago). Last summer, I felt like I was on a yard sale high every weekend. There was even that time when we were car-less that I went all around the city on my bike (I think I clocked in at about 13 miles- in some very hilly parts of the city too) to hit up some great sales (I know I said I was too tired for the archives, but this was just too ridiculous, I had to share it with you all). But this summer, I don't know, it's been kinda slow. So Friday afternoon I decided that I was going to remedy that this very weekend. I scrolled through the garage sale announcements on craigslist, wrote down a few that looked good, and hit the road early Saturday morning. I'm happy to report, that I was pretty darn successful. And, um, it seems like I was really into green this weekend too...

My favorite vintage canning jars. I love the blue-green tinting and they're perfect for vases, or storing buttons or other treasures. (They're often a little sharp around the mouth, so I don't usually use them for drinking or food).

Jared is always on the lookout for lamps. I think this would be perfect in his studio (see how nice I am? Buying him vintage lamps while he's left me alone all summer?!)

This was an excellent find. Of course, it just makes me think of Meg, and the amazing work she does with cases like these. There was another one (in worse shape) that I totally would have bought and sent to her, if they weren't so big! I think I'll keep this one as is though, and leave the decoupaging to the experts.

Just Friday night I was discussing with some friends my love for vintage pyrex and how no matter what, I'll pretty much always buy one if I see it. Well, um, here we are again! The flower pattern on this one is actually much more of an olive green that it looks like in this photo. I can't wait to bake some delicious bread in this one! (Maybe now I can get rid of those loaf pans I bought at walgreens years ago!)

In my opinion, this was the find of the day. I don't know why, but I fell in love with this plate right away. I've decided that I want to start collecting vintage-y plates. Right now we have a whole set of matching dishes that Jared's parents' gave us when we moved here (it was their old set). We SO appreciated that gift and it's so nice to have such sturdy dishes (and they match!). But, um, I don't really love them. I'm kind of thinking it would be nice to start collecting some plates like this one that all go together (even if they're not actually matching). Or maybe even make a plate wall...For now, I'll probably use this as a serving plate, until I collect more (see, I always knew I needed more stuff!).

I also picked up a couple other odds and ends, a bit of fabric, some clothing, etc. All in all, it was a pretty good yard sailing morning. And, on top of all my finds, my mom called me Saturday morning when she and my dad were at a yard sale to see if I wanted them to buy me a vintage suitcase! So I even scored at a yard sale I didn't even go to! (Thanks mom!) I also realized in writing this that on my last big thrifting score day (that was months ago, and I somehow neglected to post about here and included a complete set of four pyrex nesting bowls and matching butter dish, a suitcase, office chair, and other treasures) I also seemed to have color theme- that day was mustard yellow...

Have you had any good thrifting finds recently?


  1. good thrifting! love the lamp and the plate. well done!

  2. That is a fabulous plate! We gave up on matching dishes long ago, and part of the fun of every meal is deciding which dish to eat from. When we have guests they get to choose too. And because I rarely pay more than a dollar for anything, when one gets broken I just say hooray, I can buy another plate!