11 August 2008

oh, fancy meeting you here

does anyone else feel the summer speeding by? it's already august, there are leaves on the ground, it was pretty cool this morning (as i made yet another trip to the airport), and i'm starting to get a little excited about fall. but i'm not saying that too loudly, because i'm definitely still enjoying summer.

jared and i had a nice little staycation last week, and it was so wonderful to just relax. i mean, really relax. then my parents came and we had a great weekend. a little hanging out, some antiquing, lots of eating, and a nice driving tour of st. paul (apparently that minnesota history class that jared took last year was worth something!).

i don't have much to report other than that just yet, but i will say that i'm very happy to be back here. i've got some fun stuff coming your way- including some craftiness (can we talk about the new-to-me fabric store i just discovered this weekend?!), garden updates, and even some recipes to share.

yes yes people, i'm back. and thanks for all the sweet comments lately, i know i've been a bit m.i.a lately, but i've really missed you all, and i wanted to tell you all that i really do appreciate all of the comments that you leave here, new and old readers alike, they make my day. i wish that blogger had a better way to allow me to respond to them individually the way typepad does (frankly, that's the one reason that i've ever considered switching), but i do my best. so thanks. happy monday peeps, i'll be back tomorrow!


  1. Ok, so where's the fabric store? Details please!

  2. I looked at the calendar the other day and I almost fell off the chair...August...already?!? I love summer so much but autumn even more. Once August comes it seems like the month is over!! Oh summer, I want to enjoy a couple more weeks of you!