01 August 2008

well hello there.

this week....wow, um, where did this past week go? i really didn't mean to disappear for that long. things have been happening here, i've been busy. i've been working on some projects that i haven't been quite sure how to write about here, or if i even wanted to write about here. and frankly, i'm still not sure. it's nothing bad, just, you know, personal. i guess it's just been one of those weeks where the words have not been coming.

in the meantime, someone went ahead and turned up the heat so pretty much nothing has been getting done around these parts. well, except for that box set of alias that jared bought me. yes, i've found that sitting on the couch, directly underneath the ceiling fan, with a very cold drink is a great way to spend an evening. or a few evenings.

i have also started working on a top secret project, which i promise i'll share with you once it's been received by its future owners. it's something a bit new for me, so i'm excited about that bit of a challenge. i'm trying to not get distracted by other crafty projects since i am on a deadline for this one, but i'm hoping to whip something out soon.

in other news, i've been playing a lot with my new polaroid camera (i bought a spectra!) and generally noticing some pretty things around me. jared is coming home next week, and then my parents come to visit, so things might be quiet around here for a little while longer. it is supposed to cool off soon, so maybe i'll have something interested to share soon. until then, i'm going to try to share just some photos here. you know, while i wait for my words to come back. and you can always visit me here, where i've been finding myself more and more these days. happy friday friends!


  1. hope you are having a great visit with your folks and enjoying this last bit of summer! and i have been loving your polas on flickr so much :)

  2. Julia-I miss you!
    I hope the heat isn't tearing you up too too bad. I remember living in 100+ temps is not fun...
    I am excited to hear about your new projects! Hope you are having a lovely friday and spending some quality time with that man of yours.
    I owe you an email about your upcoming ptown visit-meet for coffee or a drink maybe?