20 October 2008

in the desert

here are just a few shots of my weekend in arizona. we celebrated my grandpa's 85th birthday. we ate a lot. we laughed. we biked a lot. and my family sat in the car with the ac on while jared and i hopped out to try to get some desert shots (it was hot). i'll share some more when i get the film back. but for now, it's good to be home.


  1. oh -were you in the saquaro national park?
    We were in Tucson in August -I love it there. The desert landscape is so surprisingly hilly.
    Glad you had fun with your family.

  2. pretty photos julia! it makes me think i might like to live in the desert one day.

  3. I saw these on Flickr yesterday and they are just so pretty!

    Next time you are in the Southwest we should try to meet up - I know things aren't as close out here as I would like to pretend, but we would have such fun!