22 October 2008

fall is here (have i mentioned that yet?)

I promise there will be something crafty or food related very very soon, I know it's been a while. I do have lots to share. I'm on the brink of completing my first little knitting project in months, and (much to my mom's joy) I am definitely in the knitting zone right now. I almost bought more yarn the other day when I stopped in to get some needles, but I'm working on using up the big tub of yarn that I've accumulated from my mom and her very generous friends. Anyways, this week, I'll give you a little peek.

In other news, fall is still here. And it's inching towards winter. Not yet, not yet. Do not worry. But we finally turned on the heat last night. I was trying to be tough and wait until November (I have absolutely no idea why), but I was shivering and so it was. I also baked a delicious loaf of my favorite banana bread last night, an activity I highly recommend on cool fall evenings when one is recovering from carrying a car battery around the night before (do not ask) and must help one's boyfriend with an English paper all night. Go ahead, give it a try. Oh, and leave the oven door open after you're done and try standing there for a couple of minutes. It'll really make your night.

These photos are some more from my long walk last week. I should have a few more photos from the dessert to share with you soon.

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