23 October 2008

pumpkin carving

LinkLast night was my friend Milena's annual pumpkin carving party. It was a little more low key than in previous years (last year we had a few people bring power tools for carving their pumpkins), but still super fun. Featuring warm chili, delicious pumpkin bars, excellent pumpkins, and an adorable four year old who drew on every mini-pumpkin there and gave us each one to keep.

I also picked up these other funky pumpkins at Whole Foods. I got a lot of weird looks in there, but I think they're great! I'm not really that into holiday decorating, and at this point I have no costume or plans for Halloween (other than giving out candy to the neighbor kids). I'm not anti-Halloween, I just rarely seem to have any good ideas. Except when my friend and I dressed up as regional pie eating champions and staged a pie eating contest at the party. It was a draw.

How about you all? Anyone have any suggestions for me? What are your Halloween plans?


  1. It's funny. I never, ever dress up for Hallowe'en. The last American election year I dressed up as Teresa Heinz-Kerry (?!) and yeah, no one got it. I hate having to spend an evening explaining my costume (and saying "No, not Jackie O"). That was the last time I remember wearing a costume, and it was four years ago! So when I got the candy corn idea (which really, isn't my idea, I've seen it all over the internet) I was pretty happy -- the only problem is I don't really have a party to go to yet!

    I always wish I lived in a house at Hallowe'en. I need a porch for pumpkins and for distributing candy!

  2. these pumpkins are fabulous!
    we are totally low key on halloween. there is really nothing that makes me happier than keeping the porch light on and handing out candy :) xo