13 October 2008

a walk

One of my goals over the summer, which I didn't really achieve, was to take more walks. I woke up this morning really feeling like I needed to spend some time outside. I was pretty bummed all day because it was pouring rain, and I kept thinking that I wouldn't get a chance to have an after work walk. Miraculously, as soon as I got home, it cleared up and turned into a beautiful, crisp, sunny, fall evening. After seeing all these photos (here too), I was really craving getting out and taking photos. Of course, it would have been great, if I could have done it in the company of fourteen women and thirty cameras. But instead, it was just me. And two cameras.

Note to self: ALWAYS bring extra rolls of film. I had only made it about three blocks from my house when I finished my roll. I kept going. I decided to head to walgreens and try out the one hour photo there. I figured I'd buy a new roll there, bum around and shoot some film for an hour, and by the time I got home from my walk, I'd already have all the film shots ready to scan and share. Unfortunately, my local walgreens appears to be the only one in existence that doesn't develop in matte. Argh. The place I bring my film is a little out of the ways, and I never get my film quickly because of that. I was a little hopeful that I could get some more instant gratification, with only a little sacrificed quality. But, it was a no-go.

Oh well.
I still had a beautiful walk. And I'll drop off (and maybe pick up) my film tomorrow. For now, I have a couple spectra shots to share. And my contribution to Shari's week of paths. I hope you all get a chance to get outside for a nice walk sometime this week.


  1. Oh Julia, how I wish, wish, wish, wish, wish you could have been there!
    We really need to do something about this here distance between us. Weekly assignments for each other, maybe? A collaboration? Hm...I don't know, but something. I'm sorry about the Walgreens thing-yeah mine won't do matte either! Someday I will get some good developing going on. I'm hoping to score a ton of expired film at a thrift shop soon because this is just getting expensive...
    I love your spectras! Take care and have a good night, friend.

  2. I know we're not in Portland (Oregon OR Maine, for that matter) but I gotta say, I bet it wouldn't be all that hard to round up 14 woman and all their various cameras here. If there was a call, I bet the picture taking babes of the Twin Cities would totally represent. ;)

  3. hi julia!

    that is one beautiful path. thank you for sharing it. i went on a long walk this morning. leaves were flying everywhere, and there were lots of bare branches. i'm trying to fall in love with those silhouettes. seems like i will be looking at them for quite some time. xo

  4. i went out for a walk on monday morning with much the feeling you described - craving the outdoors, the air. something about breathing outside in the fall is so invigorating. (lovely polas.)