12 October 2008


Well, the show went great! I had lots of fun and did pretty well. A huge shout out to the fine ladies of i like you, for organizing yet another wonderful event. The shop is now updated with some new goodies, and I will add some more tomorrow and will continue to keep it stocked for the rest of the fall (and beyond, I hope!). If there's anything you've seen in these preview photos that you're interested in, but don't see up in the shop, just let me know. I can get it up there for you, or if it's sold, I can work with you for a custom order. Just a note, I am going out of town on Thursday, so anything ordered between Wednesday and Monday will not be shipped until next Tuesday.

These are some photos of my table today, mostly for my mom who made a special request for some photos. I've spent quite a while working on my displays and there's still a lot I'd like to improve, namely the bag rack! Right now, I'm using an old microphone stand of Jared's, which works really well, but just doesn't look so cute. What I'd really love is a vintage coat rack. I continue to keep my eye out for a good one. I do love using the suitcases for display though, and they work perfectly for transporting all my goods too! Anyways, I'm off to bed now. I hope you all had lovely weekends!


  1. wow, you've been busy! looks great! it's always fun to get feedback on your items. love your suitcase idea!

  2. I'm glad the craft show went well! You have lots of great items to sell. The coat rack and suitcase are great ideas.

  3. congratulations on a successful show! your stand looks great. i love the idea of a coat rack too... but i think your goods look so cute on their own as well :) xo